A little bit about us

Matchmakerz is India’s Largest Network of Matchmakers who aim at finding you the best possible match by meeting you and understanding your requirements on a human level.

With a network of 1000+ Matchmakers we have the maximum reach and a great depth of understanding about matchmaking and the nuances involved. It’s time to Sit back and Relax and let us do the hard work for you. We find matches, organize meetings and take post meeting feedback. We do everything from the start till the end.



Your Matchmaker will sift through 1000s of profiles from their network as well as major online platforms and fetch out dates for you after fixing an appointment with them. Our Personal Involvement also helps you get the necessary guidance and support that is required during this long and important process of finalizing on a match. We ensure that our clients are supported to the fullest emotionally so that they can take the right decision for something that's the most important decision of their life.

How it Works

1. Find a Matchmaker near you

Look for Matchmakers in the network and choose someone based on skills, experience or distance and speak/ meet them

2. Set the Expectations

Make sure you set the expectations clear so that the matchmaker can understand exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, try getting some words of wisdom from the matchmaker with respect to what you should look for.

3. Profile Selection and Meeting

The Matchmaker will share profiles on WhatsApp with you on a regular basis. After liking a profile the Matchmaker will speak to your match for a meeting. The matchmaker shall be present or not based on your convenience.

4. Post Meeting Feedback

The Matchmaker shall be taking the feedback after the meeting from both the parties and also share relevant feedback with you for further meetings.